Festival make-up looks by Smashbox

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During our trip to Wilderness Festival we were treated to some festival-ready make-up looks, courtesy of the lovely bods at Smashbox.

Sarah: I was left in the capable hands of Emma White Turle – a freelance make-up artist for the brand and she’s really rather talented. She suggested a bright eye as the focus for my festival look and I was keen to try something new. I tend to stick to neutrals, browns and golden eyeshadow shades, generally only bringing in a pop of colour on my lips with a bright red or a vibrant pink. Emma had other ideas and created a bold blue smokey eye with a sprinkling of glitter – I absolutely loved it.

She created the look by prepping my lids area using the 24 Hour Photo Finish Primer. Next, Emma applied the Limitless 15 Hour Cream Shadow in Sapphire to build the bulk of the colour before blended out towards the edges of my eyes for a smokey effect. The hue was bold, rich and brilliant – it lasted all day, all night, and even into the early hours of the next morning. I was quite the dancing queen on Saturday night but the shadow didn’t budge. It didn’t crease or dry out my eyes either. After a light dusting of glitter, a swoop of Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl liner and a few coats of Full Exposure Mascara on my top and bottom lashes and I had peepers that were ready to party. Wilderness Smashbox FestivalWilderness Festival SmashboxWildernes Festival SmashboxFor the rest of my face, Emma began with a layer of Photo Finish Foundation Primer before applying the fabulous Smashbox BB cream, Halo Blush in Warm Glow and a dusting of Soft Lights Highlighting Powder on my cheeks, bridge of my nose and my forehead giving my skin a radiant quality. Finally Emma applied Photo Set Finishing Powder to ensure my make-up stayed on as long as I stayed up. Having such a bold eye we decided to stick to a more natural lip tint – Be Legendary Lipstick in Peachy Nude.

Andrea: I went to Smashbox make-up artist Ann-Marie with an idea in my head, and she realised it effortlessly. I wanted to wear a mask, without actually wearing one. I wanted to be bronzed and golden, like fire. This is what she came up with…Wilderness Festival Smashbox-3

To give me an all-over glimmer, Ann-Marie used the Photo Finish Luminizing Primer. I have this product at home and love it for nights out, to give my skin an iridescent, bronzed glow without resorting to glitter.

To create my eye “mask” look, she used the Apocalypse Now Eye Shadow Collage from the new Santigolden Age collection, bringing the shadow up and out across my brow bone to my hairline, and down into the corners of my eyes and sides of my nose.

To give this dramatic look staying power, prep the eyelid with Photo Finish 24 Hour Shadow Primer.Wilderness Festival Smashbox-2

Add extra oomph with Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl Liner and Full Exposure Waterproof Mascara – perfect for dancing in the rain! We added a few individual lashes to the outer corners of my eyes, because if you can’t at a festival, when can you?

The final touch was a dusting of gold glitter across my temples and cheek bones, and some red glitter along my hairline. While I shudder at the thought of glitter in everyday life, I throw all my usual rules out the window at festivals – give me all the glitter!

We went with a bold red lip, and to give it as much staying power as possible, Ann-Marie filled in the entire lip with pencil, using Always Sharp Lip Liner in Ruby. And to pull the whole look together, a dab of red glitter on my cupid’s bow and lower lip.Wilderness Festival Smashbox-6

This, in my mind, is the perfect festival look. Far wilder than my usual day-to-day routine, without looking totally ridiculous. I love how the orange hues made the blue in my eyes pop and the general golden/bronze/red palette was fiery and summery.

We emerged from the tent ready for our close-up.IMG_1845

Making our headdresses in the Accessorize tent later, we both chose designs that tied in with our make-up look. Sarah incorporated blue accents to match her shadow, while I kept my theme bronze and golden.

Festival ready!

What do you think about our make-up looks?IMG_1888

We attended Wilderness Festival as guests of Smashbox.


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