Brûlée Berry Brie Toast

It’s only Tuesday, but I’m dreaming of weekend food. Weekend food is so much better than midweek food, don’t you think? The pace is leisurely, you’re willing to put in that bit of extra effort, the dishes are more decadent. As a result, everything tastes that much better. I made this Brûlée Berry Brie Toast for brunch this past weekend, and it became an instant favourite in my house.Brulee Berry Brie Toast-4

Brûlée toast is similar to French toast but sweeter, crunchier and without any fussing with eggs and soggy bread.

I adapted the recipe from this brilliant one, but omitted using caramel strawberries – the bunch I had at home were ludicrously juicy and sweet, so there was no need for extra sugar. Out of season I would definitely give the caramel strawberries a whirl. I had a punnet of blueberries in the kitchen, so mixed things up by throwing some of those in too.Brulee Berry Brie Toast-1

A smearing of warm, gooey brie cuts through all the brûlée and berry sweetness, creating an incredible mouthful of creamy, crunchy salty and sweet.

You will need:

  • loaf of 1-2 day old bread
  • 4 tbsp unsalted butter
  • 3 tbsp sugar
  • wedge of brie, room temperature
  • handful of berries (your choice)

Brulee Berry Brie Toast-2To “brûlée” the toast, cut the bread into thick slices. Melt the butter and sugar in a flat bottom frying pan. Press two slices of bread into the melted butter and sugar, swirling to coat evenly, and fry over medium heat for one minute. flip over, swirl to soak again, and fry for another minute until both sides have a crisp, golden exterior.

To make the sandwiches, smear brie on to the toast while it is still warm, add the berries and top with the second piece of toast (you could also do open face toasts).Brulee Berry Brie Toast-5Brulee Berry Brie Toast-7

To make more, add the same ratio of butter to sugar in the pan and repeat.

Squidge that sandwich together so the cheese is oozing out the sides and the berries are bursting, dribbling juice down your arms as eat it.

The combo of brûlée toast, sweet juicy berries and brie is weird but so, so right. Brulee Berry Brie Toast-3

If you’re not into the brie/berry flavour mash, I also love to throw the berries into the pan for 30 seconds after the bread is finished frying, allowing the berries to heat through and soak up the remaining syrup.

Spread the syrupy berries over the toast for a delicious, sweet treat.Brulee Berry Brie Toast-6

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