Learning The Ropes Of Bodhi – The Supermodel Workout

It’s one of the hottest workout in Hollywood right now, with a legion of celebrity fans, so I was super keen to try out a Bodhi class for myself.

The anti-gravity Pilates method also dubbed ‘Supermodel workout’, popular with the A-list in LA, has literally just landed in London at the BePilates studio in Marylebone, London. I had to find out more.

I book in for a class and before I know it here I am hanging from a frame, with my arms and legs suspended in ropes, trying my best to use my core strength to maintain my shape as I swing back and forth in a rather clumsy fashion. I’m desperately worried that my body is going to give up, and that I’m seconds away from tumbling to the floor. Elegance personified I am not. I quickly conclude that a) Bodhi is much harder than it looks and b) I am at the wrong end of the graceful spectrum.

Said to be popular with the likes of Alessandra Ambrosio, Rosie Huntington Whiteley and Gwyneth Paltrow the Bodhi method helps to tone and lengthen limbs while working your core. You’re not only trying to control your body as you perform exercises like squats and pull ups – you’re also trying to balance as your limbs wobble on the ropes. Thanks for that gravity!

After reporting on the trend for work, I was invited down to trial the class and was shown the ropes by Dawne Likhodedova.

The workout was definitely testing – I was actually slightly embarrassed by my distinct lack of upper body strength, but it was super fun and very different to my normal workouts. It’s nice to mix things up. Dawne was patient, she didn’t judge me on my pathetic arm strength and she showed me lots of different movements that can be performed using the Bodhi frame.

You can read a little more about my experience here. But to find out more visit BePilates, the Evangelical Library, 78a Chiltern Street, London W1U 5AB.

I’ll definitely be back – I need to work on being graceful, and you know – my actual strength.

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