Diamonds For Breakfast With Forevermark UK

As I stood with a tray of huge sparkling jewels in front of me, mine for the taking (well the trying on at least) I couldn’t control myself. I wanted the gorgeous drop earrings, the glittering bracelet, the shimmering matching necklace and of course, one of the beautiful, yet ridiculously big, solitare rings. I was literally dripping in diamonds, I was totally fine about that.

I don’t know a single girl that isn’t drawn to the most precious of gems. So when an invitation to breakfast from Forevermark arrived, teasing me with the promise of trying on some serious bling, I obviously jumped at the chance. What girl wouldn’t?Forevermark UK launch 3And so it was that I found myself at The De Beers HQ, gawping and ogling the beautiful jewellery, along with a small selection of other journalist and bloggers at the Forevermark UK launch.

After playing dress up with the expensive gems we were invited into a diamond masterclass to learn more about the diamond mining industry, the Forevermark brand, and as an extra special treat we were allowed to sift through rough gems. It really was fascinating to learn more about how these beautiful pieces of jewellery are created, from the mine to the store. As well as looking at different diamonds throughout the manufacturing process were also given the chance to inspect a huge rough diamond the size of a large strawberry. Yours for a cool couple of million pounds. Sure. Forevermark UK launch 1Forevermark UK launch 2Forevermark launched seven years ago in Hong Kong and are now available all over the world. The brand source diamonds from a small number of selected diamond mines and less than1% of the world’s diamonds are selected by the brand. Each gem is cut and inscribed with a unique number by special diamantaires and only selected jewellers across the UK sell Forevermark diamonds.

They’ve also attracted a celebrity following having been worn by the likes of Sienna Miller, Dakota Johnson, Margot Robbie and Jennifer Garner to name a few so I felt I was in good company.

All too soon I had to leave the diamonds behind and return to normal life. Sad times, but as the PR told me ‘have diamonds for breakfast and you’ll shine all day’. Wise words indeed. I’m currently working on manifesting more sparkles into my life. Holly Golightly certainly had the right idea about breakfast.

To learn more about Forevermark visit here.

Imagery Steven Myatt for Forevermark 

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