Tiara Miramar Beach Hotel, Cannes

Should I sunbathe by the pool, down by the sea, on a luxurious cabana bed overlooking the terrace or on my own private balcony?

This was as taxing as decisions got during my trip to the Tiara Miramar Beach Hotel and Spa.

It’s a gem of a property nestled on the coast near Cannes, and it’s the perfect place to while away a long weekend in utter relaxation and to soak up the sunshine. The South of France is a great place to find some Indian Summer sun, temperatures hit a balmy 28 degrees during our stay in mid-October. I felt particularly smug it was raining back in England.Tiara-Miramar Tiara-Miramar-pool Tiara-Miramar-lunch As well as having several sun tanning spots, the Tiara is geared to make your stay an utterly heavenly experience – I’d strongly recommend a trip to the hotel Spa to experience their signature massage treatment. An hour in, I found myself practically drooling after being kneaded, rubbed and stretched into a blissful state of bewilderment. It was time for another lie down.

The hotel has several options for dining – enjoy the expansive sea view from the Bistrot M or a more relaxed lunch by the pool at the beach bar. The food was impeccable. We feasted on foie gras, enjoyed the most succulent of beef and drank rose until I thought I couldn’t possibly fit another drop in.

We paid a visit to the Miramar’s sister property the Yaksta, situated just a short buggy ride up the hill, for a seven-course tasting menu which married French cuisine with Asian influences. Good Lord, the food was good. So good, that as I climbed into bed that evening I fell asleep almost immediately, in some sort of food-induced coma. My excellent night’s sleep could have also been down to my ginormous (and ridiculously comfy) bed of course – I enjoyed spending lots of time there too.

The hotel staff were extremely helpful in suggesting what to do in the area. An afternoon was spent whizzing around the sea on jetskis, we enjoyed a trip to Antibes to visit the market and we also explored Saint Paul de Vence – a spot I completely fell in love with, so much so it warrants its own blog post.

During my time at the Tiara, from the sun-lounger, to the spa bed, to my actual bed –  I found myself in a horizontal position for a substatial portion of my stay. I tended to take breaks from relaxing to enjoy culinary delights from the kitchen. I’m not even embarrased. It was an arrangement I was completely comfortable with.Restaurant-lounge-MIRAMAR-tTiara-Miramar-Beach-Hotel-CTiara-Miramar-beach

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