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Welcome to Peanut Buttered, a blog about food, fashion, travel, and style.


The content publishing space on the internet has grown, matured, and changed throughout the years. Sometimes it can be hard to imagine a time without the internet, computers, and technology. Today there are millions of blogs to browse and enjoy on the internet with millions of content publishers creating the content on them.

Today I will talk a little about this blog: Peanut Buttered. It’s definitely a blog, but also a magazine or syndicate digital publication.

The name Peanut Buttered is a such a fun name. It sounds a bit on the foodie side, and yes—the blog is a great place to find recipes, foods, and shopping lists for your next get together. But it is also light hearted word that - to me at least - means looking at the brighter side of things. And just to mention, this blog is not just for those who like or enjoy peanuts or peanut butter. It’s more about what it means. That a dish is better when “peanut buttered” in the case of food, it could mean adding peanut butter. In everyday life, lets say you give someone a present, if it is “peanut buttered” it could mean you dress it up with some fun wrapping paper and a card.

What will be published on

In blogging it’s often called a niche, the niche here will be anything and everything! It’s a general lifestyle blog. Definitely centered around enjoying the brighter side of life. Food and recipes are definitely a must. Also fashion and fun finds. Events that are either local or international. Travel and tour guides will be there as well. So basically an everything magazine, or more commonly known in the blogging world — a lifestyle blog.


If you want to contact me you can do so through email at, stay tuned for more information here. I’m excited for what Peanut Buttered will become. There is so much more to do with the website in terms of web design, but also actually published articles as well. Please stay tuned and follow along on PB’s journey.

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