Fashions Night Out

I have always loved turning on the television and watching fashion shows. Award shows and red carpet looks are always fascinating and fun. Although I would not wear many of the styles myself I always enjoy the excitement, cameras and fanfare that surrounds the fashionable gathering.

Once in the city, a group of friends and I unknowingly stumbled onto a busy street event, little did I know, it was known as fashion’s night out. We didn’t know what it was at the time but it seemed like a lot of fun and excitement. The whole street was blocked off so no cars could pass through. Although it was a dark night the street was lit up as if it was daytime. The store windows were lit up showcasing none other than the newest and latest fashionable dresses, suits, and accessories.

Everyone was so well dressed. It was like visiting a carnival. There were street performances and street food vendors and anyone was free to mingle. The stores like Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Moschino, and Hermes are all normally on the same street so it made perfect sense to have the entire street closed off to traffic.

I liked the idea of Fashion’s Night Out because it was free for anyone in the public to join in. Most fashion we see is on the screen and internet and in it’s digital form it’s much less tangible. Many people don’t have the time to visit runway shows so they don’t get to see the clothing in person. Fashion’s Night Out really brings the newest styles out of the stores and runway and into public for all the appreciate.

From pumps the high heels, for me, stepping into a department store has always been like going to shoe heaven. I remember visiting Harrod’s once and being so excited to try on all the shoes (especially the studded Jeffery Campbell’s and the ballet pumps) I could barely contain myself. But it’s not all heels and fancy shoes for me, I also love wearing a pair of comfy toms for a low-key outing around town.

Don’t forget the shirts, skirts, accessories and more! I love fun flirty summer skits and cool graphic tees. I can shop for hours at the mall. Window shopping and just trying things on are some of my favorite parts. Rings are so much fun to wear and try on. I always try to style my outfits with a few fun accessories and finish with a great handbag.

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