Behind the Scenes at Ralph and Russo

Fashion, style, and couture are some of my favorite things. Watching a-list celebrities show off their avant-garde dresses, pant suits, and accessories is one aspect that I love about watching the red carpet event on television award shows. Whether it’s the Oscars or Emmys, it’s always an exciting experience to see celebrities showcasing new looks straight from the runway.

Ralph and Russo is one such brand. They make everything from high end couture dresses for celebrity styling to ready to wear top skirts and trousers. They even have handbags, shoes, and belts for those who love to accessorize.

I think that their dresses collection has within it some of the most stunning designs I have ever seen. They showcase a variety of styles from elegant asymmetric dresses to button-down tailored garments. Some have sleeves and some have collars. Some are light in color and flow while others are meant to shock and wow on the red carpet.

Ralph and Russo’s shoe collection is absolutely magical. There are vintage pumps in pink, navy, and black. Wearing these is sure to make you feel like a princess from a fairy-tale. Everyone knows that when styling, one should at least try to match the shoes with the bag. This is easy with their lovely bag collection perfectly suited in both style and color to match the shoes of your choice.

I can genuinely say that even though I might not have an occasion to wear every item in the collection they are a joy to look at from a design and art perspective. Each piece is a clean execution of elegance, style, and fashion.