Goodwood Revival

The Goodwood Revival Festival is a fantastic event for those who enjoy vintage cars and vehicles. It is an event that celebrates motor racing and motorsport. It’s a lot of fun to dress up in fancy chic clothing and pretend like you are a part of history for a few days.

You can wear black tie formal wear or a fun floral dress. Don’t forget the cute heels to go with your chosen outfit. Take a sip of champagne and enjoy the sunset. It’s events like this that are great for reminding you of the past and present in terms of design aesthetics. There are plenty of decorations for the parties and excellent food for the celebration.

Why do I love vintage cars?

I don’t get to see vintage cars very often. Once in my apartment building’s parking lot there was a man who would sometimes park his vintage cars in the parking lot. As residents walked in an out of the apartment building there everyone could marvel at the cars as if they were a piece of art. Some would pose and take pictures around the cars and make remarks like ‘that’s some car!’ As they walked past. I believe he was trying to sell the cars as there were sometimes notices in the lobby. The prices were high, and it’s not hard to see why considering how beautiful and pristine these cars were. I saw him driving them on a few occasions which means that they were in complete working condition.

I love looking at vintage things in general, cars are just one of the many period piece items that exist for us to enjoy for the rest of history. Today’s modern cars are more function than form. While their vintage counterparts were more aesthetic and architectural. Of course they were not as safe as the modern cars of today and definitely lacked the same safety features when being used for motor racing.

Vintage cars are an ode to the past and the Goodwood Revival Festival is a celebration of these gorgeous vehicles.