Happy Mother's Day

With Mother’s Day this weekend it’s a great time to say thank you to your mom, grandmother, and any other mother’s in the world. Mothers spend endless hours taking care of their children, and even help take care of their grandchildren as grandmothers. It’s a special bond that one can have with their mother and I’m happy to say that I still have my mother to ask for help or advice if I need it.

I would like to take this day to say a big thank you to all the mothers out there. Whether you are in the USA, UK, or elsewhere, thank you!!

Here are a list of ideas to show your mother you care on this special day.

Take her out for brunch Presents and gifts are fun but experiences are something that one can remember. They also make great additions to your photo galleries as well. When I was young I remember my dad telling me to take my mom out to lunch. He gave me twenty dollars and my mom had to drive us to the pancake house because I was quite young but that’s okay because it’s the thought that counts really. We dined on delicious pancakes with orange juice and was really a day to remember.

Give her a thoughtful gift I say thoughtful because I really think that throwing tons of money into a gift is not very thoughtful. Money and gift cards are great but if there is a handmade card or something with special meaning that you can give be sure to think about that. If you didn’t have time to think about the gift beforehand you can write that you are giving it to her in the card. I don’t want to put down the idea of giving money and gift cards however, these can make for extremely thoughtful gifts as well. For example if you mother is having trouble paying the bills and doesn’t like asking for money from you take the chance to give her a large cheque for mother’s day just to show how much you care. Take the chance to write a thoughtful card expressing that the money is a gift and not a loan and that you are giving it freely without her asking for it. A gift this thoughtful can be not only a lifesaver in her time of need but also be as special as something she can’t use to pay the bills with such as a handmade sweater.

Give her a mother’s day coupon This type of gift is usually something that young kids make for their mother’s at school. I remember it being a project once that we were told to make decorative coupons that said things on them like ‘wash the dishes’ or ‘clean the car’ these are usually chore related, especially for children since they often help out around the house a lot. If you are older you can think about giving your mom a coupon that says something on it like ‘help with electronics’ or ‘a tune up on your car.’ Think about your skills, even if they seem trivial to you can help out your mother a lot and show how much you care.

I hope you have a very happy mother’s day and that these gift ideas can help you brainstorm ways to show your mom just how much you care.