Matte Neon to Candy Cane Nails and Manicures

Painting one’s nails is a fun and fascinating art. Who ever had the idea of taking paint and applying it to one’s nails? And who could have possibly known what a prevalent pastime it would become? Whoever invented nail polish couldn’t possibly known how widespread it would become through culture. That it would be a part of sleepovers and friendships while also being a part of high end art.

If you really think about it, painting one’s nails, whether it is will a ball-point pen during home room or at a high-end nail salon, it’s a bit of a strange concept. When you see everyone from teenagers to runway models showcasing trendy styles on their talons it seems quite commonplace. But had I never seen it being done before, I would never have thought it would be something anyone, most especially myself would want to do.

I remember the first time that I painted my nails. It was during middle school when I was just a kid. My friend had neon nail polish that she let me use and I painted my nails one day after class. I think she had to paint one of my hands since I wasn’t skilled enough to do it myself. I didn’t think I would like it at first but I liked the look of it a lot. I remember my parents not liking it at all, perhaps because the color was so neon and they would have preferred a darker shade. I will admit that after a while it did start chipping when I washed my hands and wasn’t the best experience while I was cooking with my bare hands. Back then I didn’t realize the multitude of products on the market designed to help your nail polish last a long time. There are primer and top coats and so many more products designed to prevent your nails from chipping. In addition, one would need to apply the nail polish correctly and evenly in multiple layers for a clean and polished look.

One aspect I love about nails is that you can apply different textures and finishes. You can choose to paint them matte or shiny like a piece of candy. The color choices are great as well and I still love the neon options.

After painting my nails a few times I found it easier to give myself a pedicure, which is the same as a manicure but for your toe nails. This way the look lasts longer since you don’t do have to wash your feet as often as you do your hands. This is even better for those who like wearing flip flops as you can see the bright nail polish at all times.

Why do I love nail art?

This is a question commonly asked by those who want to know “why do people paint their nails?” I love nail art for the same reason I love fashion and accessories. It’s a form of human expression and individuality. I love picking out clothing from my closet and designing the perfect outfit in the same way that I would choose a different color shade for my nails. Nail art is even more personal than picking out clothing because it’s applied directly onto your nails and lasts even while you are in the shower or taking a nap.

Painting your nails can be stylish as well as seasonal. I simply adore holiday themed nail art. Taking two colors that almost everyone has such as red and white can make a delightful candy cane nail pattern. It’s a fun and festive way to kick off or end the holiday season.

Nail polish offers an artistic avenue for so many that is easily incorporated into their everyday lives. I’m glad that my middle school friend introduced me to the concept of nail polish and nail art.