Post Holiday Blues

It’s with a heavy heart when we reluctantly put a close to the holiday season. I’ve always felt after an exciting festivities with family and friend get togethers that it can be hard to shake those post holiday blues. Often holidays come with trips. These can be magical breaks from everyday reality where our travels can take us anywhere from the mountains in Sicily to the tropical beaches of Bali. Hotels are nothing like our cozy homes and nor should they be. As you sip wine from a terrace overlooking a breathtaking view it can be a wonder that you will ever need to head back to your daily routine in what feels like an instant.

Here are a few tips and tricks for shaking those post holiday blues.

Remember that others feel them too

You’re not alone in feeling a little sad and depressed after the holidays are over. For many the holidays are the only time that they get actual face time with those that they know and love. People put aside their daily obligations to see people they don’t normally see and make time for those who are in the far reaching boundaries of their social networks. It’s not uncommon to see hundreds of friendly faces during the month or so leading up and during the holidays and then go back to seeing just one or two people everyday when it ends. The key here is to remember that most people are similar in their lives and everydayness. Don’t scroll through your instagram feed and read the celebrity news and think that your life is seemingly more boring than anyone else’s.

Appreciate what you have

Holidays and vacations are typically the time that families spend their extra money and free time. In order to do this they have to work throughout the year to accrue spare vacation days and save their pocket change for their next trip. But it’s not hard to appreciate what you have while you are working and saving. Having a roof above your head and food on the dinner table for yourself and the one’s you live is nothing to be sad about. A good book and a cup of tea are enough to you remember the great things you have in your life throughout the year.

Make plans and continue doing what you love

Just because the holiday season is over doesn’t mean that you have to stop seeing other people and having fun get togethers. The holidays sometimes make us feel obligated to see our family and friends, while it’s good to see others even if we feel we have to, it’s not necessary. Invite your cousin to the mall and your aunts over for a tea and chat. Go see a movie with your friends and keep up to date with them throughout the year.

Plan your next holiday vacation

I typically see people having the most fun while they are planning their vacations or parties. The anticipation of a trip is much of the fun of the trip itself. Booking tickets an planning hikes and restaurants to go to is a lot of fun. It’s important not to get carried away at this step and over plan and over book a vacation just because it feels fun at the time. But thinking about your next trip to a sandy sunny beach can be enough to lift you post holiday blues.

I hope that these tips are enough to help take some steps to lift any post holiday blues you may be feeling. Remember, no longer how soon it’s been since the holidays have been over they will come back around again in a year.