Spring It's Here

Have you heard the news? Spring, it’s here!!

After a long winter it’s amazing how the world changes all around you in the spring time. The sunshine and blue skies are an awe and a joy to be around. A stroll through green grass that was hidden during the winter will definitely put a smile on your face. See the lovely dancing daffodils, yellow as the sunshine and happy as can be. There is a kind of warmth that makes you just want to get up off of your butt and go dancing.

Whether you are in California, England, or Sydney, there is a magic to spring. As autumn comes near the end of a long hazy summer one can often be happy and looking forward to donning a sweater. Long winters with large amounts of snow can and bad weather drag on though and it’s a lovely feeling to step outside in sandals and enjoy the new weather.

I frequent farmers market’s to browse the poignant colors of the fruits and veggies. Maybe I will try a fresh piece of tomato and salami. The reds, the greens, and orange of a fresh papaya are illustrative paintings to my visual senses. I meander through the aisles and the stall so vendors. Farmers markets are a great way to feel more connected with the food you eat, when you pick out each eggplant or apple by hand from a farmer you get a slightly better idea of where your food is coming from. I never leave a market without a full bag of farm fresh groceries for a delicious dinner. I find that produce that comes freshly from the market is often fresher and better priced than what you might find at your local grocery store.

Grabbing a quick coffee with friends of the weekend is a low key event that doesn’t take much planning, these are the type I like. Easy springtime weather is amazing for ease of life and enjoying the little things as they are. Leaving the winter weather behind is like opening one’s eyes after a long and drowsy sleep. It’s amazing what it can do for your mood. One might say that watching a movie about springtime or viewing a painting is no different experiencing it for oneself but I firmly disagree with this. Impressionist painters such as Renoir and Monet spent their careers capturing the beauty of spring in a way that can fascinate the senses even during the spring season but there really is no comparison for experiencing the weather for oneself. I suggest hanging a springtime painting in your living room and viewing during the colder months but when the season comes around make sure to go outside and experience it for yourself each and every day.

I eagerly celebrate each season and often spring with the most gusto of all. Go out and enjoy the weather. Put on a light floral dress and sip a glass of wine on the veranda. Spring, even if it does sometimes come with bad weather and April showers, is a magical season for all. Spring time is here, I hope you enjoy it while it lasts!