Swinton Park Cookery School

In Yorkshire there is a kitchen called the Swinton Park Cookery School. It’s a different way to experience food and cooking than what most of us are used to. The cooking school offers lessons that are for beginners and also for those with more experience.

Why attend a cooking school? If you really want to learn and train to be a chef as a career you might want to go and enroll in a long term university type setting. If you just want to pick up a few skills to impress your friends with then a short time cooking class, often lasting a night or an entire day is a great choice for you.

Learn from a master chef When is the last time you got to watch and be taught by a skilled chef and restaurant owner? It’s likely that you’ve never had such an experience. The only time I’ve ever watched a master cook prepare a dish was on tv or on a video on youtube. It’s a much different experience to have the chef actually watch what you are doing, tell you if you are doing it wrong and show you have to do it correctly. I would have really benefited from this type of lesson for some dishes I’ve tried in the past such as trying to make a soufflé or a vanilla panna cotta. These dishes are much more than their ingredients and take a skilled chef to prepare them. I’ve made soufflés before that simply would not stay risen and still have no idea why this was.

The experience Attending a cooking class is a great way to have a new experience. With television and news and many other activities coming straight through our computers and phones there is even less of a reason these days to go outside and stumble into something new. Classes are a great date activity since there is food, wine, and something fun for couples to do. Friends can do it as well, and it is a great stress reliever from a long week at work. Families can have fun at this too, it’s an easy bonding experience for everyone to try.

The food The admission price of a cooking class pretty much always includes the food and wine. After all, you are the one cooking it, so you should it eat it too. After a jam-packed cooking session you will all be able sit back relax and reflect on your newly found cooking chops. Enjoy a sip of wine or craft cider, you’ve earned it.

Whether you enjoy cooking in your home or want to increase your culinary repertoire consider taking a cooking class, the Swinton Park Cookery School is a great place to start.