The Ivy Chelsea Garden

When imagining what one might find at a place called The Ivy Chelsea Garden, one might think of an outdoor garden, maybe with some pink roses and yellow daffodils. On further inspection The Ivy Chelsea Garden located in West London is even better. It is an exciting outdoor space with all-day dining. Complete with a garden and terrace one can experience a laid back yet sophisticated dining experience while in the fresh air and under open skies.

The foliage and decor is something out of a magazine. Pristine, colorful, yet styled with good taste. There are umbrellas, lawn chairs with comfy sofa pillows, and antiques arranged in the garden. It’s a lovely atmosphere that exudes a feeling of relaxation and calm.

The Ivy Chelsea Garden is more than just a space, it showcases a wide ranging menu that includes British and international dishes. There is of course a cocktail menu to go alongside. Make sure to book a table to be enjoy the food at a time that is best for you and your family.

I personally love outdoor eating spaces. Even though it can seem obvious that as we enjoy a meal or snack that we might as well be enjoying the outdoors as well. These days it’s all too common to haul up in your kitchen and eat over the sink or set up in front of a screen watching the latest episode of your favorite television show or the news. The vast majority of restaurants don’t have outdoor spaces set up, obviously they can’t handle every type of weather situation like indoor spaces can but when the sky is blue and the sun is shining there is nothing more special then enjoying a meal with family and friends in the outdoors.