Topshop Festival Collection

Going to a festival is not something we do everyday but when you do it’s important to have the right things to wear. Whether it’s a music festival, a food and drink festival, or an art based festival there are many similarities between the outfits that you might wear to each type of event.

The Topshop Festival Collection has a great mix of eclectic clothing and fun pieces to help you design the perfect outfit or outfits for attending a festival. First I’d like to talk about a few things to think about when designing your wardrobe.

How should you dress to attend a festival?

In truth you should wear anything you like. A festival is a fun event similar to a party so you don’t need to be wearing uncomfortable work clothing or formal wear.

Be Comfortable

Festivals are often multi-day events that last for many hours. Wear comfortable clothing that you can sit and stand in. If it’s a music festival make sure your clothing is comfortable for dancing and moving. Dresses are a great choice for this as their lack of waistbands make them a great choice for sitting for long periods of time. Remember to wear comfortable shoes. Heels are a classic style choice but lace up runners can be equally stylish when paired with the correct outfit.

Layer Up

Often starting early in the morning and go late into the night. Depending on where the even is located this can mean cold mornings, hot and humid afternoons, and back to cold nights. Don’t rely on the organizers to have heating lamps or weather protective tents. The best way plan for changing weather throughout the day is the pack layers, sweaters and jackets layer well over dresses. Pack an extra pair of sweat pants just in case things get chilly at night time.

Be Safe

This pertains to every aspect of safety. Wear a hat and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun. Keep your money and credit cards in a safe place. Some clothing and bags have extra hidden pockets for such uses. It’s always a good idea to tuck an extra twenty dollar bill in the bottom of your shoe just in case.

Be Stylish and Have Fun

Remember, that a festival is meant to be fun. You aren’t traveling for a multi-day trek through the wilderness so it’s best to loosen up and experiment with some fun new styles that you wouldn’t normally wear in your everyday life.

I hope these clothing options have helped you decide what to wear to your next festival. The Topshop Festival Collection is a great place to begin your clothing shopping trip.